Top 10 tips - for a successful career move

Our consultants have gathered a few tips for you to start the new year fresh and prepared.

1. TAKE ADVICE – Deciding to make a career change can be daunting, talk to as many people as possible, such as family and friends so you are confident in making the right career choice. Take advice, but your career plan should be personal, it’s your alarm clock that goes off every morning!

2. BOOK A MEETING WITH YOUR CURRENT BOSS – See if you can improve your current role/responsibilities, you never know if you don’t ask!

3. KEEP WORKING HARD – Even if you know you are definitely going to leave – besides the fact you’re going to need a reference, it’s good for the soul to look back on previous jobs with fond memories. Slacking off towards the end may make you feel guilty when you reminisce.

4. HAVE A PLAN B – Be positive about your job search but set yourself up to succeed. Have a plan A but also a plan B that you genuinely believe in and do not see as a compromise: adaptability is key.

5. THINK ABOUT YOUR PERSONAL CAREER GOALS – Ensure your new role is both aligned with your career plan and enjoyable, this will prevent you from looking again in a few months’ time.

6. BE PATIENT – Finding a new job is not going to happen overnight; be prepared to put in a lot of time and effort into finding the perfect job for your next career move.

7. UPDATE YOUR PROFILE – Update your CV and LinkedIn profile and spend time proofreading, because a spelling mistake or a typo can make all the difference.

8. START PREPARING ALL YOUR DOCUMENTS – When accepting a job offer, you’ll often need to provide a copy of your degree certificate, professional qualifications, passport etc. Have a PDF copy saved to your computer ready to send. You don’t want to delay processes searching through boxes of paperwork. Likewise, if you’re looking to relocate, make sure you have this ready before applying. Many countries will want to see copies prior to the interview to check eligibility and make sure your passport isn’t running out!

9. STAY IN TOUCH – Keeping in touch with recruiters regularly is also important, you never know when you will need a job or when a great opportunity will come along.

10. BE PREPARED – Being well prepared for an interview is key, see our blog about interview tips here.

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